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Vending Machines PiscatawayWith the number of Piscataway vending companies increasing in recent years, there has to be some determining factor that sets each of us apart from the others. For United Vending, that factor is our advanced technology. No one in our industry anywhere in New Jersey has the technologically advanced vending machines and systems that we have. From handheld technology, to remote monitoring, to infrared technology that can detect when a vend has been missed, United Vending has it all. Our systems provide you the services that you need and give us the ability to provide those services.


Vending Machines PiscatawayOn top of our technology, United Vending also offers a better variety of vending products than any of the other Piscataway vendors servicing New Jersey. Our vending machine selection includes the classic Pepsi vending machines and Coca Cola vending machines, but we also have coffee vending machines, food vending machines, and snack vending machines that can supply your office, factory, or break room with traditional and healthy foods, beverages and snacks. To hear more about what we can do for you, contact United Vending today. Make sure to ask about our many vending service options also. Using our cash-free vending machines, we can set you up with paid, subsidized or free vending packages that will fit your budget.


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Ten Questions to ask your Vending Company

  1. Does your vending company have liability Insurance?
  2. Are your vending company's employees covered by workers compensation?
  3. Is your vending company a full service company? Does it offer you soda, juices, water, snacks, coffee, meals and more?
  4. What is the condition of the vending equipment coming into your company?
  5. Is your vending company easy to contact? We have our 800 number on all of our equipment for immediate response to any request, question or problem.
  6. Are the prices your new vending company quoted guaranteed for a period of time or are they teaser rates just to get in the door.
  7. Does the contract you are going to sign have an out clause for bad service? Make sure they explain this to you or you could be stuck with bad service for a long period of time.
  8. Does your contract renew one month prior to the contract expiring. If so be careful or you will find you are locked into a contract for another 3 years.
  9. Does your vending company have a snack plan-a-gram that they have to follow?
  10. Can your vending company deliver after hours or on weekends if need be.

Running a vending business in New Hampshire is currently very expensive. For a vending company to offer cheap prices they might have to cut corners by not paying liability insurance or placing old equipment just to break even. Cutting corners can lead to frustrating problems for you down the road.

Make sure you do your homework before choosing a vending company. Just because you negotiate a low price doesn't mean you have a great deal.