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Increasingly our population is choosing healthy snack alternatives over the standard snack fare. By offering options such as Veggie Chips, Pretzels, Granola Bars, Trail Mix choices, 100 Calorie Packs, Chex Mix, Dried Fruit items, Organic Cliff Bars, Nutri-Grain Bars, Special K Bars, you can help your health- minded workers avoid the sugary or added-carb selections. Our pre-installation survey will help us determine whether healthy snacks and beverages are right for your workplace.  


Healthy with FitPick Selections - FitPick is our nutrition program that targets products that meet the 35% - 10% - 35% nutrition standards.(Less than 35% calories from fat, less than 10% calories from saturated fat, and less than 35% total weight from sugar) This keeps your employees happy, healthy and adds to a greener working environment. FitPick beverages feature many flavors of the following brands: Vitamin Water Zero, Minute Maid Juices, Fuze Slenderize Drinks, V8 Vegetable Blends. Dasani and Powerade Zero all from Coca-Cola. Gatorade G2, Propel Fitness Water, Dole Juices, and Sobe Life Water from Pepsi. For nutrition information on our FitPik products, click here.


For more information on Balanced for Life work place programs, visit



Child and adolescent health is an important issue, with many nutritional and social consequences of great concern to parents and school administrators alike. We at United Vending feel that promoting healthy eating habits at a young age is an essential part of development. We work with local school officials to ensure the vending needs of the school are being met while promoting the well being of young people.  


Do you need additional funding?

Need additional funding for school sports programs, music programs or equipment? With our United Vending option, we will provide you with free equipment. As an added bonus, we pay you a commission on every dollar collected in the machines! Additionally, we regularly provide comprehensive commission statements, payment histories and consolidated checks, all of which enable you to closely track the level of funding on your programs.

We can customize a healthy program for Universities, Medical Centers, High Schools, School Districts, fitness centers and offices to name a few. Contact us today regarding your break room needs and we will be happy to help you work out a solution that will keep your employees on the job and more productive.  






Selection of Healthy Choices

  • Bottled Water
  • Assorted Juices
  • Vitamin Water
  • Assorted Snapples
  • Natural Sodas
  • Milk
  • Trail Mixes
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Animal Crackers
  • Vegetable Chips
  • Organic Bars
  • Granola Bars
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Wraps
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit Salads


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Ten Questions to ask your Vending Company

  1. Does your vending company have liability Insurance?
  2. Are your vending company's employees covered by workers compensation?
  3. Is your vending company a full service company? Does it offer you soda, juices, water, snacks, coffee, meals and more?
  4. What is the condition of the vending equipment coming into your company?
  5. Is your vending company easy to contact? We have our 800 number on all of our equipment for immediate response to any request, question or problem.
  6. Are the prices your new vending company quoted guaranteed for a period of time or are they teaser rates just to get in the door.
  7. Does the contract you are going to sign have an out clause for bad service? Make sure they explain this to you or you could be stuck with bad service for a long period of time.
  8. Does your contract renew one month prior to the contract expiring. If so be careful or you will find you are locked into a contract for another 3 years.
  9. Does your vending company have a snack plan-a-gram that they have to follow?
  10. Can your vending company deliver after hours or on weekends if need be.

Running a vending business in New Hampshire is currently very expensive. For a vending company to offer cheap prices they might have to cut corners by not paying liability insurance or placing old equipment just to break even. Cutting corners can lead to frustrating problems for you down the road.

Make sure you do your homework before choosing a vending company. Just because you negotiate a low price doesn't mean you have a great deal.